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Our white glove service ensures quick/safe delivery to your location.

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Protect yourself through multiple insurers and bond companies.

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The Process

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Have item insured and delivered using white glove transportation services


LuxeOD has partnered with the nation's top delivery companies, all of which are individually bonded and insured. Through a 3rd part insurance provider, we have ‘LuxeOD assurance’ that we can offer at an additional charge. The insurance is offered through multiple, Tier 1 insurance companies, all of which we can provide coverage documentation and binding information.

Currently, we only offer services in the United States. We don’t geolock anyone from using our platform due to the fact that most items are shipped directly to the end user. If you have a business in another country and are interested in getting on our platform, send us an email at:

Money is disbursed through Stripe Connect when your item is returned and you sign off on its safe delivery. Money is held in escrow until that time.

The insurance claims process is relatively straight forward with LuxeOD. Prior to pickup and after initial delivery, and then the same when item is returned, pictures of each item are required to be taken, which are then stored on our server. A description of the item from both the renter and the rentee are required as well, again during pickup and drop off. If an item is returned damaged, a claim will be submitted through our insurance provider, which will trigger an investigation into having the item repaired or replaced. It is at LuxeODs discretion to either fix or repair item. Items over a certain dollar amount require additional coverages and potentially individual endorsements.

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